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  • 2014 Investment Outlook: Squeezing Out More Juice Nominal growth is sluggish around the world, but there is potential for positive surprises in 2014 as fiscal austerity fades. Economic growth in developed economies will likely accelerate in tandem for the first time since 2010. In an environment where rates will probably stay lower for longer, find out how we expect to squeeze more return out of risky assets and where to turn to when they run dry.
  • Exit, Entry, and Overshoot : 2013 Outlook Midyear Update: Volatility is back. Fears of an end to the era of easy money and emerging market strains have given investors a wakeup call. The Blackrock Investment Institute discusses this fork in the road for markets in its 2013 Outlook Midyear Update.
  • US Fiscal Cliff Deal: A STOPGAP, NOT A SOLUTION The New Year began with Congress finally agreeing to a partial deal to avoid (or at least delay) the worst of the much-discussed “fiscal cliff” of scheduled tax increases and spending cuts. We provide an overview of the deal and discuss what it means for the economy and financial markets.
  • 2013 Outlook: Three Scenarios for the Coming Year Russ Koesterich, iShares Chief Investment Strategist discusses his predictions for the global economy for 2013.

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